Garden Design — Our design services range from renovations of existing gardens to large-scale, new construction sites. We have a gift for creating warm, welcoming outdoor spaces from bare earth. Private client landscape

Patio with arbor gate

Seasonal Plantings and Containers — We've experimented with plants to understand which varieties flourish under a variety of conditions. We have the experience to create lush, colorful and interesting  plantings that will take you through all the seasons we experience in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We listen to your preferences and create combinations that look and perform beautifully. Annuals are a great way to add color and drama to any garden!
Installation - Our installation teams have been successfully creating gardens and outdoor family spaces for over 20 years. Every project becomes personal to us, so we take great pride in the visions we leave behind. Whether it is working with a uilder or a homeowner we are sensitive to our clients' needs, and provide services accordingly.  Private client landscape

Waverly Gardens
Maintenance - Whether it is maintaining a private garden or an entire homeowners' association, we have the experience and knowledge to provide a neat, well-groomed appearance. We are passionate about our client gardens. We will weed, deadhead, trim, fertil5ize, split and transplant to keep your landscape looking its very best.  
Holidays - The holiday season is such an exciting time of year! We enjoy the opportunity to be a part of it through our outdoor decorating services. There are so many wonderful products that can be used to create lush, unique displays througout our winter months.